Distant Star

by John Salib

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released February 28, 2014

Album Art by Elise Xavier



all rights reserved


John Salib Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Warm Packages
Verse 1:
A whisper breaks the silence
As sunlight signals dawn
Trees blow in the distance
Where do we all come from?
Welcome to a new day
And many more I pray
So many people
You're in my life to stay

Warm Packages
Sooth me with chocolate
Warm Packages
Just like the drugs you put me on

Verse 2:
Your words together don't make sense
Can't compare drugs to chocolate
All these pointless rhymes
And all these countless times
It's hard to face reality
It's hard to face the truth
That nothing means a thing
But they meant the world to me
Track Name: My Angel
Verse 1:
I think I may have found you, my little secret
When you hold me tight, I feel alright, you're my angel
I think I wanna tell them, my little secret
I love you so, I want the world to know, you're my angel

Verse 2:
Though the distance is far, I feel near you
Can never feel blue, knowing that I've got you, you're my angel
And all those times, you said you loved me
My cheeks go red, you're in my head, you're my angel
Track Name: Sittin' In Silence
Verse 1:
Sittin' in silence
Staring at the floor
Just sittin' in silence
Could never ask for more

Chorus 1:
Whisper softly for no one to hear
You tell me you love me, me too my dear
Squeeze me gently, make me feel alright
We're kissing gently all through the night

Verse 2:
But we're sitting in silence
Our bodies intertwined
Your legs wrapped around me
Our love is so divine

Chorus 2:
Can you see right through me, with your eyes so fair?
They slightly glisten, can't help but stare
I can't help falling in love with you
But everyone can see that when I look at you

Verse 3:
But we're sitting in silence, I don't mind
We're sitting in silence, in my mind.
Track Name: I Want It Back
Verse 1:
Passed around like a dice where everyone takes a turn
How many times did I say, "I knew my lesson was learned"
Everything changed, the day you left my life
Then everything was solved, with the slicing of a knife

And I want it back... to the way things were
And I want it back... where nothing hurt
And I want it back... where the sun shone
And I want it back... but it's gone

Verse 2:
Days into months into years, every night filled with tears
Waiting for the day, for everything to be okay
An inspiration for song, why can't we just get a long
But you can't leave it behind, how can you be so blind
Track Name: The Monster in Me
Verse 1:
Walking through this forest of broken dreams
My life Is changing or so it seems
A stream of water beneath my feet
An empty cabin with a lonely seat

Through the whispers in the night,
Hiding my face from light
The shadow still there.
Through the whispers in the night,
Can't stand the light,
The monster in me

Verse 2:
Past the chair, was an open door,
A rotting corpse laid on the floor,
The works of my hand before my eyes,
The attempts of truth, were choked by lies.

Now that truth is gone,
I can't find my way out,
Mystery wrapping before me,
All that's there is my past
Track Name: Spin Me in Circles
Verse 1:
Spin me in circles and get me dizzy
Forget all about me and keep yourself busy
Tickle me pink and take my breath away
Make me believe that you're gonna stay

Verse 2:
What you fancy is what you get
And what you get is not me
What you fancy is other men
And what you get is nothing
Track Name: Smoke Can Fill the Air
Verse 1:
Smoke can fill the air
What else can it do?
Engulfs the people all around
As they pass through the queue

Feel my heart tearing apart
As I'm glancing through the haze
Soon my limbs come tumbling down
As my eyes quickly glaze

Verse 2:
Everyone's watching me now
As my breath becomes a pain
Our souls are sold, but no one is told
It's how we entertain

Verse 3:
To take a leap is a huge risk that I guarantee
But once that's through you will see,
You're not that different from me

Crowd starts to cheer
My focus is clear
My breath starts to drift away
This has been the life for me
A life dancing in the air
Track Name: John Salib ft. Emm Gryner - The Author Wrote the End
Verse 1:
When all things seem right when all things are wrong
We look to ourselves and say so long
The tears in their eyes, such huge surprise
Instead we hide, while they live a lie

Look in the mirror, what do you find
Looking for answers, without a fight
They're not inside
It's not alright
The author wrote the end.

Verse 2:
So say goodnight to all things in white
I'll see you again even in hell
You fought a good fight, at least you think so am I right?
The countless nights, you lived with your frights
You can't find the light, you started this fight
Now you're in the land of the damned

Why does it matter?
Why do I try?
There's no truth behind the mirror
There's no where to hide
There's no where to hide
Track Name: John Salib ft. Rachel Fridkin - Serenity
It's alright to feel in danger
It's alright to feel unfree
It's alright to feel like a stranger
Because soon you'll be set free

But call on me when you feel lonely
Call on me when you are in need
Call on me when times get troubled
We'll lead you to serenity
(We'll bring you to serenity)

I close my eyes when I feel danger
I close my eyes to feel set free
I hide when I feel like a stranger
I'm never going to be set free

I'll never forget how it feels to be lonely
I'll never forget how it feels to be in need
I'll never forget how it feels to be lonely
I'll never forget how it feels to be in need
I'll never forget how it feels to be troubled

I'll call on you when I feel lonely
I'll call on you when I feel in need
I'll call on you when I feel troubled
Have him bring me to serenity
Track Name: Fire
Verse 1:
I'm gonna fix it all with fire
I'm gonna fix it all with flames
Every one of my desires
Seems to call my name
And when walls begin to crumble
And streets fill up with rain
Could it be the weather
Or reaction to pain?

Verse 2:
Just be quick and nimble.
Just play my part.
My heart is fickle
Where to start?
The streets flood over
While I can't breathe
Can't stay sober
Hear me scream

Verse 3:
I'm gonna fix it all with fire
Gonna fix it all with flames
Emotions in a twister.
Vision in a haze
And when oceans start to rumble
When trees bend in pain
Could it be the end of
Everything I became
Track Name: What is Love
Verse 1:
They say that love is as big as the ocean
They say that love is as big as the sea
They say that love surpasses all emotion
But I don't know how true it could be

Chorus 1:
Love takes you on a spree
Shows you how happy you could be
Gets you down on one knee
Gets you begging "Marry me please!"
Love makes you soar once more
Makes you laugh on the floor
Love makes you try and try
Then makes you cry over some lie

Verse 2:
So this is love, it's small unlike the ocean
So this is love, it makes me feel unfree
So this is love, it makes me feel no devotion
So this is love, it withers like a tree

Chorus 2:
Love took me on a spree
Showed me how happy I could be
Got me down on my knees
Got me begging, "baby please"
Love made me soar once more
Made me cry on the floor
Love made me try and try
Then made me cry over some stupid lie

Chorus 3:
Love takes you on a spree
Shows you how happy you can be
Gets you down on one knee
Gets you begging "Marry me please!"
Love makes you soar once more
Gets you begging on the floor
Love makes you try and try
Has him leave you with goodbye
Track Name: Autumn Days
Verse 1:
Time goes swiftly on its way
Hoping for another day
The summer has come to pass
As Autumn takes a grasp
The leaves fall and the wind blows
Tom Jerry... wait there he goes
All is silent and all is bare
And everyone's living without a care

Hearts ablaze
Passions Flow
In the Rain
All Unknown

Verse 2:
Children playing in the street
And farmers coming home beat
The river in the North flows
And Lanterns in the fields glow
Spin the bottle or take the dice
If it lands on two then spin it twice
It was fun at first, but the fun's no more
Now we're done... I'll show you the door

I never wanted you to go
I just want you to know
I wanted to be your friend
But autumn always ends
and always turns to leaves/trees of green
Track Name: Distant Star
Verse 1:
Near and Far
Distant Star
Can you see what you mean to me?
I hope and pray
that soon, one day
You'll help me to be what I need to be

Distant Star
Soaring through the sky
Change my life
With no reason why

Verse 2:
I dream for freedom
I dream for peace
I dream for wisdom
To let nature be
Track Name: Anxiety
Verse 1:
Where's all the silence?
Why's there so much noise?
I hear you in the distance
I hear you call my name
Let's burn all the steeples,
Steeples of the church
They're highly decorated
Makes us feel no worth
I want all your power
Power pulls us through
I want your children
They can't make it through

Verse 2:
I'll give you all my vices
I'll give you all my hopes
I'll give you my ambitions
If you just give me this first
Just give me your presence
Your presence is all I need

Verse 3:
Here is your silence
I've gotten rid of the noise
Track Name: The Final Track
Verse 1:
It's not that I love you, it's that I want to be loved by someone like you
It's not that I trust you, it's that I want to be trusted by someone like you

And all those nights I stayed up and whispered all the things I hate about you
And all those tears that I cried they stayed in my eyes, so I can't let you take over
I have to try to forget and never let you take over
I'll never let myself let you take over
So I'm gonna take my reigns and pull myself through
It's the final track no looking back it's the final track

Verse 2:
Take precaution, no other option, what I can do?
Make a decision, involves ammunition, so I can't pull through
Can't pull the trigger, my little sister what would she do?
How much can I pay you to pull the trigger, shoot me upside the head?